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Our electrical services team are experienced in designing and developing electrical solutions that overcome the most complex and demanding challenges presented.
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Once we have a good understanding of the requirements, our design team will create a complete and comprehensive electrical design which includes an outline of our proposed solution, summary budget and annotated floor plans in colour, A0-A4 scale CAD drawings, pressure calculations and other design information ensuring compliance with legislation and with building regulations.

Mains Distribution Boards

We will design and install mains distribution boards and panels to suit the demanding performance specification. Protective device, surge protection and monitoring can all be accommodated in elegantly designed, space efficient and regulation compliant enclosures.

Small Power

We ensure that small power outlets are not just installed but are meticulously planned at first fix stage to ensure critical setting out details and positions are correct and as per the design. We work collaboratively with architects, designers and co-ordinate with other trades and services on the project to ensure that all setting out details are fully adhered too and the finish is second to none

Lighting Installation

The success of lighting installation is the choice and selection of light fittings. Our designers excel in the technical aspects of lighting design ensuring all practical aspects of a lighting scheme are checked and co-ordinated prior to procurement. Our love and passion for lighting coupled with our experience of installing a variety of light fittings truly sets us apart in this field

Lighting Controls

Lighting control is where the worlds of technology interact mostly critically with electrical installation. We can install lighting control systems free issued by others or carry out the complete specialist lighting control installations internally using some so the world’s leading and most recognised lighting brands. Our intrinsic understanding of the technology and its constraints ensure a seamless installation as well as accurate feedback of load schedules to lighting programmers.

Home Technology

We offer fully integrated home technology service from the technology part of the company. As a consequence of this, all of our electrical team are trained and constantly updating in the cabling and installation requirements of a technology installation. We will work with any other nominated AV or technology contractor to ensure that the infrastructure we install is precisely to the requirements and labelled accurately for ease of onward installation.

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